Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Dresses Are Coming! The Dresses Are Coming!

So much good news! First- my dress is ready! However I purchased it at a tiny place 3 hours away, so I have to schedule a Saturday off work (I work a 9-5 and a retail job) to go pick it up. This is when I wish my bridesmaids lived closer so I could make it a roadtrip!

AND... my bridesmaids are all getting their dresses! I had a vid chat with 'maid L last night and hers looks fabulous! And, gorgeous 'maid A sent me pictures. She said "These are not the best quality because I am home by myself studying for the final for my summer class, but I wanted you to see it! I think it's adorable." She also texted me how much she liked it and said she wishes she didn't have to wait 8 months to wear it- and I couldn't agree more. (PS- A is about to be a second year law student and I can honestly say she is one of the people in my life I am most proud of! Look at her, Miss Summer Class!)

Since my 'maids are going to have to get used to me pimpin' out their hot selves on my blog, here are two of the shots A sent me!

Seriously could she be any cuter? That tiny bod is inspiring me to go to the gym... haha I almost believed myself. I wonder if I can get her to be my body double...

Oh I just love my bridesmaids so much! They are so cute, don't you think?! Well, you've only seen A thus far, but I plan on introducing them all in the near future. They are amazing women and so important to me.

How do you deal with having any bridesmaids that live far away from you?


  1. Awww the dress looks fab! I'm so glad you chose it!

    Still working on how I want to deal with the long distance bridesmaid sad right?