Thursday, July 16, 2009

Having about six heart attacks in a row because...

...I selected Bridesmaid Dresses!!!!

I found these pups online on SALE at J.Crew.

I am in love... the little tuck mirrors my sweetheart neckline... the fabric is DIVINE for March- please, oogle:

One has been purchased already! I sent the 'maids a mildly frantic e-mail, since the sale is just of what's left (I checked, at least one per size in black) and there are no refunds/exchanges. Which makes me pee myself just a little bit. But- I said to ORDER UP if you don't know your J.Crew size or if you're borderline- you can always alter it smaller not bigger.

One of my besties had a friend wear this in a wedding, so she sent me a picture:

DEFINITELY cuter on a person with a real bod! That silk taffeta sheen! Those POCKETS! I love I love I love! It's that modern/classic combo that I was hoping for.

Although I did rush my 'maids, I am glad to get them a great quality dress at a sale price.

This was a way bigger deal and longer, more frustrating process than I thought. How did you select your Bridesmaid dresses?


  1. These are adorable, honey! Loves 'em. I think my BP dresses are of the same material! Great minds think alike, eh?