Monday, July 13, 2009

Meet Miss Pug's Pugs!

The very reason I go by Miss Pug is because of my little pugbabies! I have had four pugs in my 24 years, and they've all be wonderful.

This puggie is Oliver.

Oliver was my pride and joy, my first pug baby. My dad's coworker bred pugs at the time, and brought the puppies into the office. He fell in love and knew we would too. I was a senior in high school when we got Oli. This is my first picture with him! (He gets two pictures because you'll see the other three fairly frequently on here.)

Oliver lived four amazing years with us. We got him in May, and my dad passed away the following January. My mom hated having a dog (definitely not her decision to get him!), and we were surprised Oli didn't pack his own bags after we lost dad. Unfortunately, he died of liver failure in September 2007 after getting into sugar-free gum, which is toxic to dogs.

After that, Mr Pug and I knew we wanted to have pugs. I began volunteering with Kentuckiana Pug Rescue, a local pug rescue organization.

On December 1, 2007, Mr Pug and I did a transport of two puppy mill pugs to their foster homes. When we found out that we'd close on our house at the end of the month, we asked if we could adopt them- and we were approved! Meet Sophie and Dixie!

Sophie is a tiny fawn pug, about 6 years old currently. She is Mr Pug's baby and makes the most adorable noises!

And this is Dixie! She is actually a "Bugg," or a Pug x Boston Terrier. She is 5 and is the happiest, most energetic little girl... although not playing with a full deck, if you know what I mean! Sophie and Dixie were bonded and may be sisters, mother/daughter, or just the best of friends.

By the following October, we knew it was time to add to our clan. We adopted a little boy, Harley, who is now 7. However, we prefer to call him Sir Harles because he is a proper gentleman!

We can't imagine our lives without the pugs. That is why pugs will definitely be involved in the wedding. We plan to include them in the Save the Dates (as you saw!) and will be donating to the pug rescue in lieu of favors. Our cake toppers will be pugs, and possibly- maybe- I can convince Mr Pug to let the pugs be our ring bearer and flower girls. I am hoping that along the way we will find other ways to add bits of pug stuff in our special day.

What are your favorite things from your everyday life that you couldn't live without on your wedding day?

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  1. All of the pugs are so adorable- the picture of Oliver when he was a baby is the cutest picture I have ever seen- so tiny!