Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sign Here?

I am a walking, living, breathing contradiction. I am a huge worry-wart that plans ahead unnecessarily, and at the same time, I am a big procrastinator. Which equals a lot of worrying about unnecessary things, and the putting off of probably-important things. Mr Pug is a Saint, and I don't even mean that jokingly... I am surprised he has survived the neurotic Miss Pug for as long as he has.

So... what has been keeping me awake at night?

My new signature.

Yep, I could be worried about finding a florist, or when I will eventually get my e-pics back, my upcoming shower, or finalizing hotel room blocks. All are valid reasons for planning, thought, and concern. But no, I focus on my signature.

I have never loved my name, and I've never had great handwriting. I just recently began to feel comfortable with my signature. My initials are KJ, and I draw my K and J with a similar large loopyness. I don't necessarily love it, but it's comfortable. The idea of changing my name is thrilling- a shorter, easier name, that at the same time is less common! Brilliant! But a cursive H is my new nemesis. I will probably practice twice every day until March 20.

What irrational worries do you have about your wedding? If you are taking your fiance's last name- are you happy about the new name? And have you practiced your new signature? (Admit it- you have!!!!)

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  1. I am not looking forward to signing my new last name. It's going to be hell. I love my new last name (it's a lot easier than my maiden name), but I don't want to learn how to write a cursive C.