Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shall We Dance?

The title of this post just brought back some memories of the only movies I ever watched growing up- musicals. (My mom loves show tunes and my dad refused to let us watch MTV or VH1.)

I talked to Mr Pug recently about our wedding song- the song, if you will. I found this list from, an Australian site- which I hope explains why MACY GRAY is #1. Go check it out, some are great songs but some are NOT what I'd be playing at a wedding.

Mr Pug and I are the kind of couple that have different tastes in music. He's not going to listen to Jason Mraz anytime soon; I can get him kind of into Guster stuff, and he can help me try to appreciate Pearl Jam. There are some bands we both enjoy: Coldplay, Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket- and he's even starting to get into Jack's Mannequin (my all time FAVORITE band). But when it really comes down to it, music is much more important to him. Mr Pug plays the guitar and gets more joy out of uploading songs to his iPod than most humans. It's like how my dad was with music- just in his veins. So I brought up "the song" for Mr Pug to start thinking.

I'm hoping over the next few months (ok, or anytime before March 19th) he'll find a song from a band we both like that speaks to him about us, and could be danced to slowly. My only requirements :-).

How are you chosing your first dance song? Do you enjoy the same music as one another? If not- who will "win out?"


  1. The first-dance song was, for some reason, something I forgot to really think about. The week before the wedding, in a state of panic, I just heard a song on the radio and liked it.... which is SO me, and so NOT you, so I am sure this comment was not helpful at all.

  2. What a cute blog you have! :)

    You've got great taste in music! I'd love to feature your playlist (and pictures!) once you're wed! I have a blog all about weddings and music :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!