Friday, July 17, 2009

Real Simple - for real!

Real Simple magazine has been an obsession of mine for years. My mom has subscribed to it forever and while I'm extremely messy and a picky eater, I do get inspired by the life-simplifying goodies in there!

The fabulous and eternally adorable Mrs. Meatball on posted some great goodies we might be intersted in, one of them being a 1-year Real Simple magazine subscription for $5. That's right my friends. The price of a $5 footlong... for a year's magazine subscription, saving you $49.00. I totally bought it.

That led me to Real Simple's website, I was surprised by the amazing wedding resources on there! Buying the alcohol for your wedding and need to know how much? There's a tool for that. DIY-ing your makeup and not sure what foundation to use? There's a perfect foundation tool. Or just looking to compare wedding prices from state to state? Also on the site. (My jaw hits the floor comparing New Jersey to Indiana... we really are lucky that we can have it here.) Seriously, go check out Real Simple's website and waste some time learning fabulous things!

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