Friday, July 17, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very-Bad Day

What to do when you are just having a horrible day?

I wish I could say I was PMS-ing, but no, I am a chronic over-reactor. And on top of some heinous over-reactions, my sisters M & R are both having even more miserable days than I am. Which leaves me with a gigantic lump in my throat all day just feeling like a miserable person. I know I'm overreacting, which makes it even more frustrating.

Anyways I take that as a cue to switch up my wedding website!

Here's the new layout. I WISH I had taken a screenshot of the old one! i'm so mad at myself! It was a little more "floofy" and less modern. The floral picture was of green hydrangeas and the green color was more muted. Since I know we will be using spider mums, I switched it up.

I have to give absolute props to everyone at I had a coupon for 15 months at a discount and signed up pretty much right when we got engaged. At the time I struggled mentally with whether or not I should be paying for a wedding website. But the giddy 18 year old who had been pre-planning her wedding website since they became popular won out, and boy am I glad she did. Their customer service is TOP. NOTCH. I literally cannot reiterate this enough. When I have a question (like today, how to change the main picture on the flash intro) I have always gotten an e-mail response within HOURS, usually less than one hour. And they're responses from real people, anxious to help you solve your problem. That is so rare in this world! I love them so much I even follow them on twitter.

Having a wedding website has also helped get my family on the east coast excited about the wedding. Not being able to see any of my family and most of my friends at all, the website makes them still feel like they are in on the action.

I also love the multitude of options on the site. We can post directions, hotel information, registrys and wish lists, quizzes, dedications, vendors, photo albums, information about the wedding party and our families, as well as even do RSVP's online complete with questions ("Chicken or fish?" or "Will you need transportation to and from the reception site?") While we probably won't use the latter, it's pretty neat how much you can do. You can even create Save-The-Date cards that match your site! Ahh, websites... I feel better already!

Will you be using a wedding website? If so, what site did you use and what are the pros/cons you have found thus far? What new ways will you be utilizing your website?


  1. It looks great. I just updated my design on mine last night. I'm only using mine to provide my guests with information. We're not using it for RSVPs.

  2. Ah, I love the new layout! Very cute! This is reminding me to update my own...well, more like FINISH it in the first place, because I haven't had the FI fill out any of his info yet! Ooops