Monday, July 27, 2009

The Checklists Inspire...

I have been checkin' up on my checklists and seem to be in pretty good shape thus far! My big things I am worrying about are my flowers, cake, and makeup. However something that came up on the checklist was officiant.

We are getting married at our venue in a simple ceremony, so we could ask anyone to officiate the wedding. However, I have been leaning towards asking the (retired) reverend from my church in New Jersey.

Of course this brings challenges, since he's retired and he's in NJ. I assume we would offer to pay for his hotel and/or flight. I just think it would be really neat to have someone who knows me so well do the ceremony.

Not only was he the rev, but he was our next-door-neighbor. I would go over there for sugar or eggs if we needed it, and I would take care of their Koi fish while they traveled.

More importantly though, he had a great relationship with my family, especially my dad. (That's my dad below with our first pug, Oli.)

When my dad died, the reverend did the service and spoke so wonderfully about him. He spoke smiling and with joyful memories. While he was talking, the foghorn that the fire department used went off. And he laughed, remembering my dad's potty humor, and said that the horn sounded like Papa Pug responding from heaven.

I guess I am just scared to ask him. Since moving I have barely seen or spoke to him. What would you do? Should I just let go of my pipe dream and find an officiant here?


  1. I think you should ask him. The worst he can say is no.

  2. Even if he can't make it, I'm sure just the fact that you thought to ask him would make his day. I love that pic of your dad and my long lost love Oliver!!

    Megan (it wont let me post unless i do it as anonymous, FML on my work comp)

  3. Aww Miss Pug, I think you should ask him...Why not? Besides, I think that would be nice having someone there to be officiant that is so close to you!!

    Soon2BeMrsCLW3 (WB) :)

  4. Bob!! I love him, ask him.

  5. Aw :) You should definitely ask him! And if he says no, I'm sure it will mean a great deal to him regardless! I wish I had someone specific in mind for our ceremony...

  6. You should ask him!!! He did such a amazing job at your Dad's service. It's obvious your family means a lot to him. It would be really special to have someone you know!