Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hotel Dilemma!

I will be booking two hotels- one closer to our venue, and one downtown. While downtown is a little far from our location, for those who don't mind driving it gives them tons to do throughout the weekend. My mom was the one who requested we book a block downtown as well, since she and many other relatives want to really experience Indianapolis.

I used Hotel Guides and got GREAT bids. You just put in your information and what you're looking for, and hotels will provide you with a bid. I narrowed it down to these two: The Omni and The Hilton.

For these two hotels, they're a great deal. The Hilton will be cheaper, both for us (we'll stay in a downtown hotel after our reception) and for guests- but not by much. The Omni is a little nicer hotel, and more pricey, but closer to a lot of great stuff.

I have no idea how I will choose and time is running out... PLEASE HELP!


  1. I just did this same thing. lol

    I would go with the Hilton as long as you were sure you'd get 10% of the rooms blocked.

    Are the majority of your guests bringing a car or are they planning walking? If they're planning on walking, you might want to pick the hotel where they're actually able to walk to stuff.

  2. I like that the Omni won't hold you responsible for unbooked rooms, that is RARE! The hotel that I know the FI and I will be staying at for our wedding night makes you cover 80% of the rooms you block...holy crap right?!?!?! Since it is your wedding, I'd want to stay at the nicer hotel personally...but I'm also a bit of a priss... ;)