Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meet Miss Pug

Greetings all! My name is Miss Pug (Mrs Pug on March 20, in exactly 8 months and 11 days!) The wedding Mr Pug and I are planning is different than any I've ever been to or helped plan. No one else helping to pay- so small budget- with a huge guest list (I have more than 30 aunts and uncles and a plethora of cousins) is making for interesting challenges along the way! Combine that with a dash of out-of-town (oh, only about 80% of the guests or so are coming to Indiana from New Jersey) and you have the recipe for a Pug-tastic wedding!

Mr Pug and I have been together for more than two years, and got engaged on Christmas Eve 2008. We have three pet pugs (well, two pugs and one bugg) that have their own blog and think that they are celebrities. Pugs are a huge part of our life, and even played a part in Mr Pug proposing! He took a picture of Dixie, our bugg, with the ring then told me to check out the cool picture he had taken.

When it came time to decide wedding theme, we knew froo-froo wasn't up our alley. We want something modern but timeless, fun and different yet accessible. We are planning for a black and white damask theme with green accents. Oh... and pug theme as well. The pug elements will reveal themselves over the next 8 months. Get exciteddddd!

(Do you see the pugs in our inspiration board there??? It's kind of like Where's Waldo...)

A lot of planning has been done, but a ton still remains. I'll update you over the next week on everything we've worked on. Feel free to leave questions for me (or Mr Pug, or Sophie, Dixie, or Harley- THE pugs) anytime! I look forward to sharing the planning with you all!

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  1. hello fellow weddingbee'r here! (soon2bemrsclw3) (Hope you dont mind that i followed aka STALKED over to your blog from WB! lol) I LOVE your colors!!! esp that lime green, that is HOT!! and i love love love how you are incorporating the pug theme into it!! I saw another wb'er used pictures of her pups as table number holders during the reception! i loved it!

    PS, have you considered applying to be a BEE blogger? i think you would do awesome!! You have a great writing style and your personality comes out in your blog! :)